SOS - Interstellar Rescue

In case you find yourself in trouble - don't panic! Follow this guide and you might live another day.

NEWP Rescue

We have pilots available on each platform who are experienced in conducting rescues. In order to get their attention, you will need to ping them here using the ping for your platform on our Discord server. Specifically the sos-interstellar-rescue channel.

If you find yourself with lack of fuel or with hull damage and in need of help, before reaching out for help please gather the following information quickly:

Please ping the rescue tag according to the platform you are playing on: @Interstellar Rescue - PS / @Interstellar Rescue - PC / @Interstellar Rescue - XBox:

Rats and Seals

In case you don't get a swift response, please contact the Fuel Rats or the Hull Seals for help - they are awesome!

Fuel Rats Hull Seals