PvE Combat

Player versus environment (most commonly referred to in MMO’s as PvE) is the most common type of activity in Elite Dangerous. PvE combat is the easiest form of combat that anyone can start in, and can easily turn into one of the hardest to master effectively and efficiently in.

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Here you can see suggestions for PvE ship builds: PvE Ship List

Basic Tactics to PvE Combat

Anyone is able to start doing combat competently in a Viper Mk 3 or a smaller ship. How you pilot the ship and how you deal damage effectively will help guarantee longevity in your survivability. There are some essential basics you’ll need to master as these fundamental skills are transferable to medium and large ships. If you start in a large ship, it is almost guaranteed you’ll make bad habits. Things like face tanking, unmanaging pips and staying still will make your ship underperform its potential.

Subtarget to locate target's Chaff Launcher

Weapons & Defense Modules

In PvE combat, there are multiple weapons and defense modules to fit your ship. These modifications are the most expensive in terms of costs and maintenance, however it does allow you to survive for much longer.

Weapon Options

Weapons come in a variety of damage types, each designed to its specifications and can dispatch elements of a ship’s defensive modules effectively. There are four different types of damage, thermal, kinetic, explosive, and absolute damage.

Defensive Modules

Like it's offensive counterparts, customization made to the ship is not limited by weapons only Defensive modules like shield generator, defensive mechanisms and boosters, or hull and module reinforcement packages can be placed in your ship to better absorb damage from the enemy.

It is more optimal to run more Shield Boosters than Point Defense, Chaff Launcher, and Electronic Countermeasures.

Combat Preparation

Preparation before combat is strongly recommended as there are small steps to take before engaging your targets. Setting proper power priorities, fire groups and maintaining optimal hull strength before engagement is necessary to prevent power loss, miss-timed weapon synchronizations, and critical damages dealt to your ship's internal modules.

Combat Flight Model

There are two combat flight models, hull tanking and shield tanking. In terms of effectiveness, a good combat pilot in a shield tank ship with optimal pip upkeep can last longer than a hull tank, however the potential to screw up shield pip management is more massive than hull tanking.

Locations of PvE Activity

There are different locations where one can find pve combat and hone their flight skills.