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Ground combat is another new core gameplay mechanic as enveloped by their sphere of combat slogan. Along with suits, consumables and tools, CMDRs have access to a selection of weapons, to face enemy forces.



In Odyssey, CMDRs can buy a selection of weapons ranging from pistols to SMG's and rifles. However only 11 weapons exist in the Odyssey market.

Kinematic Armaments

Kinematic Armaments specializes in only kinetic and explosive handheld weaponry.


Takada specializes in only thermal handheld weaponry.


Manticore specializes in only plasma handheld weaponry.


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Ground conflict zones will happen in systems where there is a state of conflict. You can see settlements in state of conflict either through Frontier Solutions or the system map. Conflict zones objective is to lower the opposing faction's reinforcement points indicated by a progress bar and a starting score of 1000 points. Points can only be lost.

There are six control points that the team can capture to sustain its reinforcement points. Capture control points are designated Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot. To capture a control point, the CMDR must stand in the highlighted area and survive until the capture meter reaches 100%.

A faction's reinforcement points will continue lowering until the score reaches 12 points. At this point, the score bar will change to a row of personnel icons, which will indicate the remaining forces in the ground conflict zone. The opposing faction will have to eliminate all of the remaining forces to conquer the fight resulting in a ground conflict zone win. In BGS standing, ground conflict zones contribute fewer influence to the overall conflict outcome than conflict zones.


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Defense turrets will be put in replacement of settlement defenses as the settlement is powered down. They are used to deter close air support of any ships above the conflict zone. Defense turrets can be activated and deactivated by the same panel located at the bottom of the turret. These turrets can be destroyed by ordnance however, ship CMDRs will require a method that removes its shields.


Settlement Defense Missions is a new gameplay introduced recently into Odyssey. The objective is to help the settlement guards protect a crate of canisters from waves of bandits trying to destroy them.

Waves of six, highly competent of npc bandit will drop from their respective dropships. Bandit dropships can be a Viper Mk 3, Diamondback Scout so watch out for those ships entering a settlement attack. Settlement alarms will be blaring constantly.

After completing several waves of bandits, the mission will complete when the bandit forces believes the task to destroying the canisters are not worth their time anymore.


The Comparison
SRV Scorpion SRV Scarab
Seats 2 Seats 1
Cargo Size 2 Cargo Size 4
Missile Rack + Qual Plasma Repeaters Dual Repeaters

The SRV Scorpion is the latest model introduced in Odyssey that provides CMDRs with a more tactical and combat-oriented SRV. The Scorpion can seat 2 people, and has a turreted weapon equipped with a Seeking Missile Launcher and Quad Plasma Repeaters that can be controlled by the passenger. Although the scorpion is less agile than its predecessor the SRV Scarab, it is all-round tougher, grippier and heavier than the Scarab.

SRV Scarab's can be found in stations in systems with military economy.