Stealth is a new gameplay mechanic in Elite Dangerous Odyssey whereby the player needs to actively decide and choose how they will adapt to a mission or objective by sneaking past guards and raising alarms.



When you disembark from your ship, you will play the game through the view through your character's helmet. You'll see instruments that you may not be familiar with, let's over them.


The Minimap is located on the top left corner of your vision. It has three components:


The suit information is located on the bottom left corner of the screen, it contains the following instruments:



There are three kinds of human targets you will see at a settlement.


Citizens are passive targets which roam the perimeter of settlements. They are poorly equipped with only a secondary weapon, a TK Zenith or a P15 pistol and do not have tactical defenses like enabling shields during assaults. Citizens usually have a high security rating to access certain rooms they will be assigned to.


Scavengers are aggressive targets which search and destroy the perimeter of settlements, hunting in groups. They are equipped with shields and a secondary weapon, usually consisting of a rifle, SMG, shotgun or sniper. They have no security clearance as they are considered pirates.


Guards are neutral targets which react when they find probable cause. In the case of a settlement assault, guards have the ability to call for reinforcements through their radio. Guards are heavily equipped with a Profile Scanner, a secondary weapon consisting of a rifle, SMG, shotgun or sniper. Some settlement guards will have access to restricted parts of the settlement, while back-up guards will have unrestricted access to all parts of the settlement.


In these odyssey settlements, there will be a lot of security and doorways a player have to access and bypass to reach certain rooms and buildings.


By bypassing tightened doorways does not mean you have entered a restricted area room. Rooms that are restricted will be indicated by a holographic sign. Only by entering into restricted rooms can you gain a fine, be chased by settlement guards, and your profile will be compromised as your profile indicates you have trespassed.

There are also a list of illicit activities that you can do that may give you a fine, have your profile be compromised, or be chased down by the settlement guards:


Stealth is a new Odyssey mechanic that allows you to bait and distract settlement guards, workers and citizens have them focus on something else while withdrawing attention from the items or object you sought.

In order to have workers and guards locally investigate, just note that the settlement alarms cannot be raised. Settlement alarms effectively means that all settlement workers and guards will be placed in search and destroy alert.

Local distractions are distractions affecting mutually exclusive workers and guards that are located in nearby specific rooms and buildings. Local workers and guards will investigate the surroundings when players are:

Remember the on foot minimap? This is a very useful tool to help you know who can see you and what they can hear. On your minimap, dots indicate their relative position to you, and dots that transition into arrows means that you have direct line of sight to them.

Sound is another tool to help you sneaking around, there are different levels to how "loud" a sound can be heard.

One of the engineers requires the player to complete 6 covert theft or 6 covert heist missions. In these covert missions, you must complete the mission without triggering settlement alarms at any time.


There are 28 settlement variants where the CMD and PWR buildings are located at different locations. The Odyssey Mapping Guide (OMG) is a really resourceful webtool that allows players to locate where the power regulators are and where the settlement alarm console are.