Elite Dangerous Odyssey is an on-foot expansion pack made only available to PC platform since April of 2021. Since the release date, a number of features, updated gameplay and collectibles were added to Elite Dangerous. Odyssey promises to deliver another perspective of the Elite Dangerous universe by shrinking the CMDR down to their very boots and tackling the harsh realities of space. New gameplay atmospherics in Elite Dangerous Odyseey


In Elite Dangerous Odyssey, the game brings forth new combat & stealth gameplay at settlements, new exploration gameplay that allows CMDRs to discover and record new biodiversity, new graphical changes to lighting, land-able tenuous atmospheric planets, new weapons, a new SRV, engineers and loot.



In Elite Dangerous Odyssey, there are four suits the CMDR can use, three of which are buyable at stations and one is used on default. Suit specific tool are purchased along with the suit. There are only three suits tailored to three areas of gameplay; combat, scavenging, and exploration.

The Three Main Core Suits

Name Manufacturer Purpose Tools Weapon Slots
Flight Suit Remlock Basic Energylink
0 Primary
1 Secondary
Artemis Suit Supratech Exploration Energylink
1 Primary
1 Secondary
Dominator Suit Manticore Combat Energylink
2 Primary
1 Secondary
Maverick Suit Remlock Scavenging Arc Cutter
1 Primary
1 Secondary

The Dominator Suit is the only suit that holds two primary weapons in replacement of a tool slot.

Did you know?

Did you know you can buy pre-engineered suits and weapons at any military-economy based stations' pioneer supplies? Their inventory resets on every Thursday after the server tick. Pre-engineered suits will only come as grades 2 and 3 upgrades, nothing higher. Pre-engineered suits may also have random modifications applied onto the suit, and a station's economy and state will not have direct influence on what modifications and upgrade their inventory will have in stock. All suit upgrades are randomly generated each week.

To get the best result, on EDDB.io or Inara.cz, search for any stations, planetary stations and outposts with the following criteria:

Pre-engineered suit are unique event items, so once someone buys it, the suit is gone for everyone.

All suits will come with shields, that can be toggled on and off, and a flashlight. All suits will have their own base resistances:


The new tools for Elite Dangerous Odyssey CMDRs.

There are four readily available tools you can purchase along the choice of suit you will purchase. Both the Energy Link and Profile Analyzer are both available to the CMDR via any suit, however the Arc Cutter and Genetic Sampler are suit specific tools that can only be used when that suit is equipped.

The Energy Link is a tool used to recharge the suit battery without requiring a battery pack to supplement a full recharge. By switching to its secondary mode, called the "Overcharge" mode, the Energy Link becomes a lethal takeout weapon used to disable ports to doors and takeout targets with a single discharge.

Profile Analyzer

The Profile Analyzer is a tool made to search for people of interests. Although its primary purpose is usually useless and more useful when bounty hunting NPC's with hidden bounties, its secondary mode allows CMDRs to clone and copy profiles, gaining authority permissions clearance levels to access restricted areas in Settlements.

Arc Cutter

The Arc Cutter is a weapon specifically used when the Maverick Suit is equipped. The Arc Cutter is used to cut open hidden panels, allowing the CMDR to bypass security doors by disabling door outlet ports with the Energy Link's discharge or accessing exterior locations of Atmospheric Pressure control panels.

Genetic Sampler

The Genetic Sampler is a tool equipped by default to the Artemis suit that allows the CMDR to collect exo-biology samples. By selling those samples to Vista Genomics, a CMDR can progress through the ranks as an Exo-biologist. The Genetic Sampler is able to scan for valid specimen to obtain a partial sample using its secondary pulse-wave scan feature, and can automatically scan specimen as its primary function.


There are a list of consumables that a CMDR can buy from the Pioneer Supplies market. ​Consumables are used to help supplement additional protection or damage during on-foot gameplay. A CMDR can only hold a limited amount of consumables on their loadout but can easily obtain most consumables in and around bases.

Name Credits/Unit Description
Energy Cells 1,000 Energy cells are used to replenish a CMDR's suit battery to 100% if there is no nearby recharge stations. The consumable item can be used regardless of if the suit has energy remaining in the suit and will always charge up to 100%.

Energy cells can be found around either in containers mounted on the side of walls or in containers with a yellow lid.
E-Breaches 25,000 E-breaches are consumable items only sold in anarchy security systems. They are used to override and breach locked containers and restricted control panels. Having a e-breach in your inventory will warrant you carrying an illegal item.
Medkit 2,000 Medkits help replenish a CMDR's loss of health after sustaining injuries back to full healthy conditions if the CMDR is not fatally wounded. Medkits can be found in and around settlements in green containers.

Medkits can be found either in green containers mounted on the side of walls or in green medical containers.
Frag Grenade 2,000 Frag grenades are a hand-held ordnance that can be thrown during on-foot combat. Frag grenades deal partial damage to shields and full damage to body armour, making them a lethal weapon to be used in eliminating targets.

Frag grenades can be found either in metallic cases in groups with other handheld grenades, shield disruptor and shield projectors.
Shield Disruptor 2,000 Shield disruptors are a hand-held ordnance that triggers an EMP which can instantly shutdown a CMDR's armour shields. Shield disruptors deals partial damage to body armour and full damage to shields.

Shield disruptors can be found either in metallic cases in groups with other handheld grenades, shield disruptor and shield projectors.
Shield Projector 2,000 Shield projector are a hand-held device that can be thrown during on-foot combat to protect friendlies and the CMDR themselves from oncoming fire by displacing a electromagnetic wave around the device, creating a temporary shield shelter.

Shield projector can be found either in metallic cases in groups with other handheld grenades, shield disruptor and shield projectors.


Concourse is a public common area where the CMDR has access to a number of different rooms and services, and are able to interact with mission givers with the ability to bargain for offers based on one's reputation with the faction giver.

Since Fleet Carrier interiors have been introduced into the game, CMDRs can purchase concourse services in a Fleet Carrier vendor and administrative system. Here is the list of all services and areas an Odyssey CMDR can access.

Pioneer Supplies

Pioneer supplies are the one hit store to purchase all consumable items and available weapons and suits that the station has to offer. Pioneer supplies are also the place where you're able to upgrade suits provided that you have the materials for the upgrade. There are two inventories that are exclusively not found at some stations:

Pioneer supplies are also a service that can be added into personal fleet carriers.

Inter Astra

Inter Astra services are identical to the shipyard services from the interactive menu when a CMDR docks their ship onto the station's landing pads. Inter Astra have the same features as any other shipyard; the ability to purchase, exchange, sell and transfer ships to the CMDR's current location.

Inter Astra is also a service that can be added into personal fleet carriers if the shipyard service is added.

Vista Genomics

Vista Genomics services is a service that allows CMDRs to dump their genetic samples they recorded from surveying different exobiologies found on different planetary surfaces in exchange of credits. A CMDR is able to level up their exobiologist rank by providing the service genetic with samples.

Vista Genomics are also a service that can be added into personal fleet carriers.

Frontier Solutions

Frontier Solutions is a neutral non-aligned mercenary combat drop ship service used when there is a state of conflict in the system. You may also find missions offered for large-scale ground combat and have the ability to hand in combat bonds. Missions do not impact a CMDR's reputation of a specific faction. Frontier Solutions uses fortified vulture drop ships to send CMDRs to settlement where there is a state of conflict.

Apex Interstellar

Apex Interstellar is a taxi service made available to all at any stations or location the CMDR may be. The only restriction of using this service is if the system does not have civilization inhibiting the system. Apex Interstellar uses a non-fuel scoop equipped Adder, which means it can only go around 80 lyrs before docking at a nearby station. During the taxi, CMDRs are able to redirect the Taxi to a different station mid-flight; this feature was introduced to prevent the pilot being stuck in a loop.

The Lounge

The lounge is a common-place for CMDRs to socialize. CMDRs will have the option to socialize with mission givers that have the ability to offer rare missions with good rewards. CMDRs are able to dispute deals with the mission giver depending on the reputation they have to the mission giver. CMDRs are able to interact with mission panels that are similar, if not identical, to the menu the CMDRs have access to when docked at a station in horizons.

You can negotiate with NPC by selecting the negotiating tab when they give you their mission details. Based on what reputation you have with the faction, you'll be given more options on the negotiation.

Escape Pods

Escape Pods are a new service that allows you to go into redeployment if you find yourself board onto a megaship or fleet carrier that jumped to a far away system where apex interstellar services can not reach to the destination of your ship where you last parked it.

Jail Cell (Prison Megaships Exclusively)

Jail Cells is a room exclusive to Prison Colony megaships. You will wake up from this room if you are critically injured with a wanted bounty in your transactions. In Prison Colony megaships, you'll have access to Inter Astra or Apex Interstellar services. Jail Cells are a room also seen in security sections in ground settlements. There is no known functionality purposes the room serves in ground settlements.

The Bartender

The bartender can be found in the common public lounge area. The bartender is similar but different to a black market vendor in that all prices for items are fixed, and depending on the security and government type of the station's faction owner, does the bartender allow the dealings of illicit and stolen items.

The Bartender is also a service that can be added into personal fleet carriers.

The bartender is also useful in trading assets in their categories and be able to only sell goods and data. Trading assets is simple and straightforward. Assets will have three categories; chemicals, circuits and technologies. In each category by completing a successful trade, a CMDR must trade a collection of other assets, where the total of all the assets' prices meets the price of the selected asset to complete the trade offer.

Say if item A is a price of 12 and items B and C have a price of 2 and 3 respectively;

Hanger Elevators

Hanger elevators connect CMDRs from the concourse to their personal ships. They can also access other CMDRs ships and board their wing mate's ships connecting physically in their multi-crew session.

Flight Deck (Fleet Carriers Exclusively)

The flight deck is a special seating area for the owner of the Fleet Carrier. The owner of the fleet carrier can also add people into a wing so they can access the flight deck area. Only the owner can sit in the owner's chair while other CMDRs in a wing are allowed to roam and sit anywhere in the flight deck during the jump sequence. All CMDRs will be escorted to sit in the flight deck area should they miss the opportunity.