About Us

Elite Dangerous is a game with a very challenging learning curve, and new players often struggle with their first steps out into the galaxy. The New Pilots Initiative was born out of the recognition of this difficulty and the desire to help others get to grips with this amazing game.

The NEWP squadron was created on PC within just hours of the launch of the Squadrons update to Elite Dangerous: Horizons on the 11th December 2018 (3304). We set out with the goal of helping new players to get the best from Elite, and enjoy the game to the fullest no matter their preferred playstyle. To this day, we remain neutral, helping players to achieve whatever goals they have as long as they fall within the rules of our squadron which you can see below, and the Elite Dangerous Code of Conduct.

In the earliest days Either and Dalvon focused on helping whatever strangers they ran into while roaming the galaxy, and recruiting knowledgeable players who could help in our endeavours. However, within a few months we decided to set up a permanent home in the Meliae system to bring the growing squadron together. Adding our own player faction to the background simulation to represent us on the strategic map of the galaxy.

Within a few months we had established a presence on both Xbox and Playstation, both with the same ethos of sharing of information and helping each other. You can find us on any platform by searching for NEWP on the squadrons panel. Our Squadron Leadership Team are:




If you'd like to know more, please come and talk to us. By far our most established platform is our Discord server, however you can also find us on Facebook and Inara.

Squadron Rules

  1. Don't be a jerk - Ultimately this is a game and we're all here to have fun. Personal insults, doxing, bullying, racism (including the use of racial slurs) will not be tolerated.

  2. Don't use this group to hunt new players - Hopefully this is obvious, we are here primarily to help new members of the Elite Dangerous universe. Hunting down and killing those who we are here to help will ruin the reputation of this group.

  3. No non-consensual PvP on fellow squadron members - for pretty much the same reason as for Rule 2, NEWP squadron members should not expect to be attacked by squadron mates. We do however encourage members who are interested to practice consensual PvP with others in the squadron.

  4. No cheating - That means no using hacking software or bots, it also includes COMBAT LOGGING (exiting the game mid-fight, even via exiting to the menu). This is against the rules here and in many other groups. We will gladly help you learn how to survive a fight either by winning or escaping.

  5. Direct messaging turned on in the discord server, and no blocking mentors or leadership - We need to have a clear route to communicate to everyone we have on the server. If one of our staff contacts you, please reply, we'll only be asking things we need to know.

  6. No sharing inappropriate material - Sharing pornographic images, or any other material which the staff deem inappropriate will not be permitted. If you aren't sure if something will be allowed, ask, we'll make judgements as required.