Engineering in Odyssey is centered towards engineering personal suits and weapons. A completely new set of engineering materials were introduced into the game specifically used for modifying suits and weapons. Odyssey engineering materials can only be gathered from settlements and surface points of interests like crash or impact sites.



Odyssey engineering are categorized into 3 types, they come as assets, goods and data. Assets have 3 subcategories which its materials can be traded through a Bartender, they come as Chemicals, Technology and Circuits.

Common assets can be found scattered around settlements and in unsecured lockers which can be stolen while rare assets are sometimes found in locked containers and lockers with goods. Data can be downloaded from data ports, but be aware of downloading illegal data, which can trigger a settlement's alarm.


The bartender can be found in the common public lounge area and is a person you may use to trade assets with or sell data and goods regardless if they are stolen or not.

To trade Circuits, Technology and Chemicals with the Bartender, you will need to make a trade offer that accumulates to the total cost of that cross trade offer. You can see in that screenshot that a player wishes to trade for Carbon Fibre Plating, which has a Barter Cost of 11 per unit. You must trade so that your Barter Value reaches the Barter Cost.


You can upgrade your suit and weapons from Grade 1 to Grade 5, adding an additional modification slot to your suit and wepaons every time you apply the upgrades.

A suit requires the following upgrades:

A weapon requires the following upgrades:

A suit requires a set of these goods and materials in order to upgrade the suit or weapon modifications. These upgrades can only be applied at any concourse that has a Pioneer Supply market available.

Grade Modification Set
G1 to G2 1x Goods and 5x Assets
G2 to G3 5x Goods and 15x Assets
G3 to G4 10x Goods and 25x Assets
G4 to G5 15x Goods and 35x Assets

However, you can obtain pre-engineered suits at any Pioneer Supplies market, which their inventory resets after every server maintenance.

Purchasing Pre-Engineered Suits & Weapons

enter image description here

You can purchase pre-engineered suits and weapons at Pioneer Supplies inventory. Because these items are unique and an event item, once its bought, its gone for everyone. But do not fret, the inventory re-supplies every server maintenance, but the system will not have the same inventory as last week.

To get the best results, on Inara.cz, search for any stations, planetary stations and outposts with the following criteria:


You can apply up to 4 modifications to both your suits and weapons however, once you've applied this modification, you will not be able to take it off or replace it with another modification. So choose your modifications appropriately.


In Elite Dangerous Odyssey, 13 new engineers were introduced in both the galactic bubble and Colonia region with their own respective engineering experimental that they specialize for.

Engineers are put into three engineer types.

Each Engineer requires the player to complete a set of tasks to unlock their services and a fulfillment to be referred to the next engineer.