In Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion brought forth new graphic changes in lightning, terrain and surface generation as well as introducing new biodiversity and a exploration gameplay mechanic that allows you to promote through the ranks of the biologist.



Biodiversity includes new vegetation, bacteria pools and genomic exo-life, some in more exotic forms than others. The gameplay while equipped with the Artemis exploration suit gives new gameplay where the CMDR has access to the Genetic Sampler. All exo-biodiversity specimens can be scanned using the Genetic Analyzer.

To locate a valid specimen and obtain a complete specimen sample to be redeemed at Vista Genomics, a CMDR is required to scan three partial scans of the same specimen to obtain a complete specimen sample. The Genetic Samplers has two main functions as described above, it has the ability to scan biodiversity and obtain a partial sample scan and it has a secondary pulse-wave scan feature for it to be able to validate which specimen's been collected, partially obtained and yet to be scanned.

Sampler Scanner

Collecting a Sample

To fully complete a specimen sample, the CMDR must extract a total of three partial samples from different specimens within the same species that are outside of that species' clonal colony range. For example, if a sample is taken from a specimen of a species with a clonal colony range of 100 meters, then the next two samples need to be taken from specimens at least 100 meters away from the first in order to provide the necessary genetic diversity.

Different species of lifeforms will give you different amount of experience and credits depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the exo-biological species you've sampled and cashed to Vista Genomics. An abundance of these valuable exobiology species can be found on Water Thin worlds.


As you may have know, Elite Dangerous Odyssey has brought forth tenuous atmospheric landings. Different atmospheric compositions will bring different atmospheric enviroments the closer you are to the planet's surfaces.


Amongst the many activities explorers are rewarded with like first discovered and first mapped, there's a new exploration podium Odyssey CMDRs can now take on called "first footfall". First footfall recognizes the first step a CMDR disembarks from their ships and explores the planet's surfaces. To claim first footfall, a CMDR just needs to claim their exploration data into Universal Cartographic available at stations that have the service.